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The Construction Process

Upon completion of construction documents an additional service is available to guide you through the process of installation.  Changes and adjustments are to be expected during construction and retaining the services of the landscape architect ensures that your vision, as developed during the design process, will not be compromised or lost during the implementation.  This service makes the difference between a good result and an exceptional one. There are two options by which this service is available:


Hourly Basis

Services are provided on an as-needed basis at your discretion. This method is for those who prefer to do their own installation work, or coordinate and oversee their own contractors and construction.


Percentage Basis

Services are provided continuously throughout the installation process with the landscape architect functioning as your authorized representative.  Responsibilities may include all steps of implementation from securing and reviewing bids to scheduling and monitoring installation work to the final walk-thru and release.  This service ensures that your project is completed as designed, with quality construction by licensed contractors abiding by all local codes.  The charge for this service is based on a percentage of the cost of construction.


Construction Gallery

View some of our work in progress!